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 Looking for a governess
Автор: Дарья
Дата:   06-18-14 09:39

We are Russian family, based in Moscow, looking for a governess (student from USA or England) for a child of 6 years old (girl). Past experience in looking after children and teaching English is essential. The family is looking for a person who is kind but can also maintain discipline with children. The ideal candidate will be energetic and enjoy her/his work. Should be polite, patient, smart, communicative, respectful and active.
Main responsibilities:
attending any kind of event with a child;
encouraging the child to participate in creative and educational activities;
keeping the parents well informed
helping children in reading and doing their home works;
feeding the child at proper time;
share responsibilities with Russian nanny
participating in educational games and outdoor activities and teaching English
Accompany the child during international trips in case the family goes traveling. You will be required to work three times a week for 8-9 working hours.

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 Re: Looking for a governess
Автор: Yuriy
Дата:   12-13-15 16:30


I am a native English speaker from USA. I was born in Moscow, but moved to USA when I was a kid. I speak Russian well too, since I spoke Russian at home in America so that I wouldn't forget the Russian language. So I am considered as bilingual.

I have about 14 years of experience working with children.

Can you give me your email address so I can send you my resume?

Here is my email: ycookline7614@gmail.com

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